What Are Preppers Preparing For?

What Are Preppers Prepping For?


Preppers prepare for many types of scenarios.  Some preppers try to focus on one big scenario while other preppers try to focus on more probable scenarios.  Here is a list of what preppers are preparing for broken down into categories: personal, local, regional and global.


Personal Prepping Scenarios

  • Loss of Employment
  • House Fire
  • Health Concerns
  • Big Unexpected Bill (i.e.  replacing Home AC Unit or Vehicle Transmission)


Local Prepping Scenarios


Regional Prepping Scenarios


Global Prepping Scenarios

  • War
  • Pandemic
  • Solar Flare/CME
  • EMP
  • Super Volcano Eruption
  • Economic Collapse
  • Alien Invasion (ok, not really)


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