Where There Is No Cosmetic Counter

by Survivor Jane

Pink Book Cover

How much would you pay to look “beautiful?”  Ok guys, that question wasn’t for you.  However, that question might pertain to your wife if she spends any kind of money on cosmetics!  Because I’m around women so often (elementary school Asst. Principal), I often hear talk about how much cosmetics cost, etc…  In an economic downturn, that should be an expense that should be shaved off the budget, but many women won’t stand for it!  Now I say many, I’m not talking about a “preparedness minded” woman here.  Most preparedness minded women are very sensible, practical and well, that is a whole different kind of beauty.  But even if the economy takes a BIGGER dive or we really do experience TEOTWAWKI, cosmetics and beauty don’t really have to suffer.  Enter Survivor Jane’s new book, Where There is No Cosmetic Counter.

Jane has packed a lot of info. into 272 pages!  What caught my eye right off was the long list of items that you should have at home if you are into preparedness.  The list is an A to Z list of all sorts of ingredients like nuts, oils, fruits, vegetables, plants, roots and more.  From Almonds to Vodka, Jane lists the reasons why you would want to have the items, what they could for you and how to use it.

Here is an example:

Yogurt – Antibacterial and anti-fungal. Good for naturally restoring PH. High in riboflavin, calcium, protein, Vitamin B12 and lactic acid.

Uses: Facial emollient, skin conditioner, gentle cleanser and mild exfoliants.

After that, Jane tackles the specifics of cosmetics:

  • Facial Care
  • Eye Care
  • Hand Care
  • Nail Care
  • Foot Care
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Hygiene
  • Make-Up
  • Hairstyling & Cutting

Each of the chapters above are broken down into specific categories.  Like the Make-Up chapter covers: removers, wipes, lip-balm, lip gloss, foundation, etc.. (Oh man, I’m going to lose my man card….)

When I say specifics, Jane provides a ton of recipes to make these things.  She not only provides the recipes, but how-to apply the home-made cosmetics and intersperses little tidbits of information all throughout the book.

The thing about all of the recipes that Jane provides is that they can be made from common items found in most prepper’s home – see the A-Z list.

The book currently only sales in paperback off of Amazon for $17.96.  Click here to read reviews on Amazon and purchase your copy….so that you can stay BEAUTIFUL!

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