“Zombie” Zip Ties

Happy Thanksgiving Preppers. Thanks for checking out this Blog! There may be a time after SHTF that you will have to restrain someone. Either for them being up to no good, or perhaps just freaking out after the realization that their former life is gone. Here is a little trick that I learned. You can use rope to do this, but I prefer the greatest invention ever. Zip Ties. Depending on how big of wrists the “detained” party has you can do this with: 1 XL Zip Tie and 1 small zip tie or 3 medium zip ties. As you know by now I am straight forward and don’t beat around the bush. So here is how you Doti. Pretty simple, really.


1)     Make a large loop with 1 XL zip tie, or two medium zip ties (zipped together). This is the BLUE loop in the picture.
2)     Place over both wrists of the person (behind their back of course).
3)     Between the wrists, and over both loops, use another small / medium zip tie to cinch them together. This is the RED loop in the picture.

This is a pretty simple way to incapacitate a “Zombie”. I can think of about 5 other ways using zip ties as well. Example, do the same thing as above but using their Right Wrist to Left Ankle. Of course mobility becomes an issue then. Here is the $64 dollar question. What do you do with this restrained “Zombie”?That is something YOU have to answer yourself, depending on the situation. Take care and SYOTOS. – Jiske-h (Ghost)


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